Troy aka franklinguy52


TCZ's #1 Manningham collector
A little over a week ago Troy told me that he was going to a game where Detroit Tigers legend Denny McClain would be signing autographs and said that he would try to get something for. I offered to pay for any cost that there may be, but in return he only asked for my address and sent me this...

(I will try to get a better scan in the next few days)

It is inscribed
"Denny McClain
31-6, 1968
Cy 68-69

This 8X10 will take a permanent place in PC, thanks again Troy!


TP9 | VC15
Wow! Very cool Troy! You're exactly the kind of person who makes this hobby fun and enjoyable. This is what it's all about, folks. (y)

Congrats on the cool PC add Ken.


Mr. Baseball
Thank you for the kind words from everyone, I have seen on this site that there are many that are keeping this hobby alive. It is great to have a community of people that are all willing to help with each persons PC, so I am just following suit.