Tropical Storm in DR...


The DR Guy
Wow, nobody noticed...yesterday was raining all day long...some energy breakdowns, but nothing unusual...this morning I wake up and its still raining, so I call a taxi and go to I hear the news and wer have a tropical storm in here...there are no lights, strong winds, trees on the alert in some parts of the island...and nobody noticed. Two deads so far.

Now I'm stuck at work, with no lights at home to at home, GF at work and dad at work...we'll all try to go home early so we can be together...

If you don't see me around here (or don't see the portal up) for this week, it means wether we have no energy in DR, or I'm dead...anyway, have a nice halloween.


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trick or treat?

yeah they said this morning that it was a slow moving storm...i dont watch the world weather report much though


The DR Guy
Geeze, that stinks....stay safe and my prayers for the safety of your family and loved ones as well.


Thanks Rima :love:

News, GF at home, her work was full of water so they closed just dad and me must get home and everything will be ok.
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The DR Guy
Just an update...yesterday it was just Noel charges again. I am at work but things are getting dfficult...called GF and dad, everybody (including me) will go to home...**** the job, our lives are first...I won't be updating since we don't have energy at home yet...:salut:

Wish us good luck, I love you guys.