Tristar Grading Mojo


Bench Warmer
I got 2 10's!!!!

BGS 10, Auto 10 2007 Bowman Chrome Tim Lincecum auto!!!!

BGS 10 2007 Bowman Chrome xfractor Tobi Stoner

the other 9.5 mojo's

2007 Bowman Chrome blue refractor Fernando Martinez
2007 Bowman Chrome xfractor auto Tim Lincecum
2007 Bowman Chrome blue refractor Tobi Stoner
2007 Bowman Chrome gold refractor Tobi Stoner

I submitted most of the 9.5's to be slabbed, so I might have gotten more 9.5's that I don't have listed. I just wanted to share.


Bench Warmer
Wow, move that Lincy, I don't think any 10s have surfaced yet. You'd get a ton for it before he hurts himself with his awkward delivery :lollol: