Transaction Leaders: March 2022


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Another month is in the books so it's time, once again, to name the transaction leaders. Once again, there were more transactions this month than last so we continue to be headed in the right direction. Thank you to all of you who continue to trade, buy and sell to keep progressing SCC forward!

Now let's take a look at March's leaderboards...

Most Transactions

There were no changes for 1st place in any category this month, which means we get to say congratulations to @grapler135s for being the March 2022 overall transaction leader.

Then the rest of the top 10:

2nd: @LarryG - 22
T-3rd: @prospector9 - 13
T-3rd: @OldNewRips - 13
T-5th: @franklinguy52 - 11
T-5th: @AndyDrummond - 11
7th: @dlackey - 9
8th: @dad3309@ - 8
T-9th: @Steelers8873 - 7
T-9th: @dragonslayer913 - 7
T-9th: @gwynn_fan - 7

Top traders

Again, no changes at the top since last month so congratulations to @LarryG on being March 2022's top trader!

For the first time since we started, we get to actually fill out the rest of the top 10.

T-2nd: @grapler135s - 10
T-2nd: @AndyDrummond - 10
4th: @dlackey - 8
T-5th: @dragonslayer913 - 5
T-5th: @pinetarboys - 5
T-7th: @prospector9 - 4
T-8th: @Steelers8873 - 3
T-8th: @Mechjo16 - 3
T-8th: @Molitor04x - 3
T-8th: @crankbait09 - 3

Most purchases

Please join me, once again, in congratulating @OldNewRips on being the top buyer on SCC for the 2nd straight month!

Rounding out the top 10...

2nd: @franklinguy52 - 10
3rd: @prospector9 - 9
4th: @dad3309@ - 8
5th: @LarryG - 7
6th: @northicehero99 - 5
T-7th: @grapler135s - 4
T-7th: @darkman - 4
T-7th: @bdink25 - 4
10th: @Steelers8873 - 3

Most sales

This should come as no surprise with as much work as he does with his group breaks, but congrats again to @grapler135s on being the top seller!

There weren't 10 sellers on the site this month, so here are the rest of the folks who contributed to the site with sales.

2nd: @gwynn_fan - 7
3rd: @zlw1 - 4
T-4th: @Steelers8873 - 1
T-4th: @kclj520 - 1

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in any transactions this month, even if it was just 1. I think I speak for all of us when I say we are greatly appreciative of your participation and your support. Looking forward to seeing this site grow and especially looking forward to seeing you all continuing to be a part of that. Thank you again!


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Really awesome thanks to everybody for making trades, sales, and purchases in March.

I have three prizes that I would like to give out to the members who were in the top 3 (excluding myself) for total transactions in March.

LarryG, prospector9, and OldNewRips will choose draft style in that order for one of the following prizes each.


@LarryG you are up to select which of the 3 prizes you would like first. Please let me know.

Thanks and congratulations to you 3 for having the most total transactions for the month of March!



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@prospector9 Tim you are up to choose your prize from the 2022 Topps Series 1 hanger box or the 2017 Immaculate Willson Contreras 5x Relic card.

Please let me know what prize you would like to choose.