Transaction Leaders: February 2022


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Ok, it's time to lay out all the transaction leaders from the month of February, which will officially be month #2 since we started tracking this stuff. We're still a long way from where we'd like to be, in overall transactions, but this month was a lot better than last so we're definitely headed in the right direction so far. Hopefully we'll just keep going up from here!

Anyways, let's skip to the good part...

Most transctions

For the second straight month, we get to say congratulations to @grapler135s on being the overall transaction leader for February 2022, with a total of 15 transactions on the month.

Then, rounding out the top 10:

2nd: @LarryG - 8
3rd: @AndyDrummond - 7
4th: @OldNewRips - 6
5th: Mike - 5
T-6th: @captkirk42 - 3
T-6th: @Steelers8873 - 3
T-6th: @gwynn_fan - 3
T-9th: @franklinguy52 - 2
T-9th: @dubby25 - 2

Top traders

There's someone new going into the all-time leaderboards this month. Congrats to @LarryG on winning this month's Trader of the Month, with a total of 7 trades!

Here are the rest of the top 10, which this month is only actually top 9:

2nd: @AndyDrummond - 6
3rd: @Steelers8873 - 3
T-4th: @grapler135s - 2
T-4th: @dubby25 - 2
T-6th: @Mike - 1
T-6th: @woodman - 1
T-6th: @Mechjo16 - 1
T-6th: @darkman - 1

Most purchases

Another new member to throw on the all-time leaderboard for the month...congrats to @OldNewRips on being this month's Buyer of the Month, with a total of 6 purchases!

Again, not quite 10, but here are the rest:

T-2nd: @captkirk42 - 3
T-2nd: @grapler135s - 3
4th: @franklinguy52 - 2
T-5th: @kpit1978 - 1
T-5th: @Indiana Jones - 1
T-5th: @AndyDrummond - 1

Most sales

No surprise here this month with as many group breaks as he does around here, but congrats to @grapler135s on being this months Seller of the Month, with 9 total sales!

We've gotta start getting at least 10 folks involved in these things...the rest of the top 4 doesn't sound nearly as cool as the top 10...

2nd: @Mike - 4
3rd: @gwynn_fan - 3
4th: @zlw1 - 1

I'd also like to say thank you to all of you who participated in any transactions this month, even if it was just 1. Those are the things that will keep this site going forward.
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