Trading card sites


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You can try (Trading Card Database). An excellent site for tracking your collection as well as a very friendly and helpful forum community. Many people over there trade or are looking to trade.

My other trading site, the first one I found back around 2007 when I discovered the online community, is Trading Card Central (TCC) is also a nice place but I think the traffic there is even slower there. There are some regular members who continue to post, but it isn't as active as it once was a few years ago.

It seems to me that there is an internet wide lull in activity on trading card sites. I think some of the traffic has migrated to social media. It seems more and more people are doing all there trading via Twitter and Facebook. I understand they are great places to do that but I am not of the crowd that will be doing trading on social media. I guess I'm just old school (in more ways than one). Like wanting my television programming via my television not computer or internet, I prefer my trading card trading via trading card forum sites and blogs not regular social media. I don't want to bore my family and friends on Facebook with my hobby details and I very rarely use twitter anyway.


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I think your best bet for trade activity is blowout forums or sports card forum. I'm a member of a lot of different forums and those 2 are by far the best for trading.