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Bench Warmer
I have the following cards for trade. As always, Scans can be seen in my Bucket. I also have MUCH MORE on my web site, so please check it out. My want list is in my sig or I will look at Buckets/Trade Lists. Thanks

Kolby Smith 2007 Select (Autographs/Gold Zone) #384 (7/40)
Maurice Jones-Drew 2006 Topps Paradigm (Career Highs Triple Jersey Autograph) #TPCHR-MJD
Larry Johnson 2006 Topps Paradigm (Career Highs Triple Jersey Autograph) #TPCHTD-LJ
Larry Johnson 2005 Sweet Spot Auto (INCOMING)
Larry Johnson 2005 Reflections Auto (INCOMING)
Frank Gore 2005 Upper Deck Foundations #212
Cris Carter 2004 Greats of the Game (Gold Border Autographs) #CC
Tim Brown 1999 Score Supplemental (Inscriptions) #TB81
Chad Johnson 2006 Leaf Limited (Material Monikers Jersey Number) #6 (Auto/Jersey)
L.C. Greenwood 2007 SPx (Super Scripts Autographs) #SSLG
Ozzie Newsome 2001 Donruss Classics (Significant Signatures) #161
Joe Horn 2001 Finest (Autographs) #FAJH
Joe Hamilton 2000 Bowman (Autographs) #JH

Adrian Peterson 2007 Bowman Sterling Jersey/Refractor/RC
Maurice Jones-Drew 2006 Leaf Limited (Player Threads/Prime) #10 (Jersey & 3-Color Patch)
Frank Gore 2007 Absolute Memorabilia (Absolute Heroes Materials Prime) #18 (3-Color Patch)
Brett Favre 2007 Bowman Sterling (Refractor) #BF (Jersey) (93/199)
Manning/Harrison 2002 Upper Deck MVP (Souvenirs Doubles) #SDMH (Dual Jersey)
Marvin Harrison 2004 Reflections (Offensive Threads) #OTMH (Jersey)
Marvin Harrison 2005 Reflections (Fabrics) #FRMH (Jersey)
Marvin Harrison 2002 Upper Deck Ovation (Tried and True Jerseys) #TTMH (Jersey)
Carlos Rogers 2007 Artifacts (Photo Shoot Flashback Fabrics) #CR (Dual Jersey)
Daunte Culpepper 1999 Upper Deck (Game Jersey) #DC (Rookie Jersey)
Drew Bledsoe 2000 Paramount (Game-Used Footballs) #8 (Ball)
Mario Williams 2006 Leaf Certified Materials (Fabrics of the ame College) #19 (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2004 Reflections (Pro Cuts Jerseys Gold) #PCBU (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2004 Playoff Prestige (Stars of the NFL Jerseys) #NFL4 (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2004 Donruss Elite (Elite Series Jerseys Bronze) #ES5 (Jersey)
Brian Urlacher 2003 Fleer Tradition (Classic Combinations) #CCBU (Jersey) (not mint)
Jimmy Smith 2005 Zenith (Z-Jersey/Prime) #41 (4-Color Patch)
Jimmy Smith 2005 Playoff Prestige (Gridiron Heritage) #GH22 (3-Color Patch)
Torrance Marshall 2001 Topps Debut #134 (Jersey/RC)
Sage Rosenfels 2001 Bowman (Rookie Relics) #BJSR (Jersey)

Calvin Johnson 2007 Topps Chrome (Refractor) #TC200 Rookie
Adrian Peterson 2007 Artifacts #152 (short print) Rookie

Manny Ramirez 2007 Topps Triple Threads (Relics Autographs) #11 (Auto/Triple Jersey) (16/18)
Miguel Tejada 2004 SPx (SuperScripts Stars) #SU-TE
Roy Oswalt 2006 Bowman Originals (Buyback Autographs) #706
Brad Wilkerson 2001 Bowman (Autographs) #BA-BW
Ed Yarnall 2000 Ultra (Fresh Ink) #60
Tommy John 1988 Fleer #211 (In Person Auto)

Barry Bonds 2001 SPx (Winning Materials Bat-Jersey) #BB2 (Bat/Jersey)
Mike Piazza 2005 Prime Patches (Past & Present Jersey Combo) #20 (Jersey/Shoe/Jersey/Pants)
Roger Clemens 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (Dark Orange) #RC1 (Jersey with Stripe)
Mike Schmidt 2006 Upper Deck Epic Materials (Dark Orange) #MS3 (Jersey with Stripe)
Sammy Sosa 2005 Donruss Elite (Back to Back Combos) #25 (Jersey with Stripe/Bat)
Vladimir Guerrero 2007 Upper Deck Premier (Patches Dual) #VG (3-Color Dual Patch)
Vladimir Guerrero 2004 SPx (Winning Materials Dual Jersey/Spectrum) #WM-VG (Dual Jersey)
Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game (Player Collection) #35 (Jersey with Stripe)
Vladimir Guerrero 2001 Fleer Platinum (Lumberjacks) #13 (Bat)
Albert Pujols 2002 Topps reserve (Uniform Relics) #TRJAP (Jersey)
Albert Pujols 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game (Silver) #POG4 (Jersey)
Albert Pujols 2004 Flair (Power Tools) #PTAP (Bat)
Albert Pujols 2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs (Sweet Stitches/Red) #STAP (Jersey)
Albert Pujols 2004 Leaf (Picture Perfect) #PP1 (Bat)
Albert Pujols 2004 Playoff Honors (Piece of the Game) #PG1 (Bat)
Rickey Henderson 2005 Donruss Elite (Career Best Bats) #23 (Bat)
Jeff Bagwell 2005 Donruss Elite (passing the Torch Jersey) #17 (Jersey with Stripe)
Carlos Hernandez 2001 Bowman (Future Game relics) #FGRCH (Jersey)
Garry Sheffield 2001 Fleer Platinum (Lumberjacks) #25 (Bat)
Jim Edmonds 2002 E-X (Behind the Numbers Game Jersey) #5 (Jersey)
Bobby Abreu 2002 Fleer Box Score (Press Clippings Game-Used) #1 (Jersey)
Robin Ventura 2002 SPx (SuperStars Swatches/Silver) #156 (Jersey)
Davey Lopes 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres (Heroes of Baseball Game Bat) #B-DL (Bat)
Edgar Renteria 2001 Private Stock (Game Gear) #146 (Bat) (not mint)
Steve Garvey 2001 Upper Deck Vintage (Timless Teams) #LA-SG (Bat)
Ozzie Smith 2001 Upper Deck Legends (Legendary Game Jerseys) #J-OS (Jersey)
Mike Piazza/Roger Clemens 2004 Fleer Genuine Insider (Classic Confrontations Dual Swatch) #MPRC (Dual Jersey and Piazza has Stripe)

Lance Berkman 1997 Bowman Chrome #298 Rookie (PSA 9)
Pat Burrell 1999 Bowman Chrome #175 Rookie (PSA 9)
Ryan Howard 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres #62 Rookie
Albert Pujols 2003 Bowman Chrome (Refractor) #24
Albert Pujols 2003 Finest (Refractor) #95
Albert Pujols 2004 Topps Heritage (Refractor) #THC10
Albert Pujols 2005 Bowman Chrome (Refractor) #105
Albert Pujols 2006 Topps Heritage (Refractor) #107
Alfonso Soriano 1999 Boman Chrome #350 Rookie (PSA 9)
Miguel Tejada 1997 Bowman Chrome #273 Rookie (PSA 9)
Ricky Henderson Topps #482 Rookie (off centered)

Kerry Kittles 96-97 SkyBox Premium (Autographics/Blue Ink) #37

Kobe Bryant/Kevin Garnett 01-02 Upper Deck (Game Jersey Combos) #KB-KG (Dual Jersey)
Michael Jordan 2000 Uper Deck Century Legends (MJ Final Floor Jumbos) #FF8 (Floor)
Kevin Garnett 00-01 SPx (Winning Materials) #KG3 (Jersey/Shorts)
Amare Stoudemire 05-06 Upper Deck (All-Star Weekend Authentics) #AS (Jersey)

Shareef Abdur-Rahim 96-97 Ultra (Platinum Medallion) #P264
Kobe Bryant 96-97 E-X2000 #30 Rookie
Kobe Bryant 96-97 Topps (NBA 50) #138 Rookie
Kobe Bryant 96-97 Upper Deck #58 Rookie (BGS 9.5)
Kobe Bryant 97-98 Finest (Bronze/Refractor) #262
Michael Jordan 93-94 Stadium Club (Beam Team) #4
Michael Jordan 93-94 Stadium Club (Beam Team) #4
Michael Jordan 95-96 Metal (Maximum Metal) #4
Michael Jordan 95-96 Metal (Scoring Magnets) #4
Michael Jordan 95-96 Stadium Club (Beam Team) #BT14
Michael Jordan 95-96 Topps Gallery (Expressionists) #EX2
Michael Jordan 95-96 Upper Deck (Electric Court/Gold) #352
Michael Jordan 96-97 Collector's Choice (Crash the Game Scoring 1/Gold) #R30
Michael Jordan 98-99 Topps Gold Label (Gold Label/Black Label) #GL1
Shaquille O'Neal 92-93 Topps (Gold) #362 Rookie
Dennis Rodman 93-94 Stadium Club (First Day Issue) #305
Robert Parish Topps #111 Rookie


Bench Warmer
i like this:
Chad Johnson 2006 Leaf Limited (Material Monikers Jersey Number) #6 (Auto/Jersey)
what do you want for it?
chk my sig for tradelist


Bench Warmer
This might sound silly, but I would be interested in this depending on how much bv is...
Kerry Kittles 96-97 SkyBox Premium (Autographics/Blue Ink) #37