Totally splurged! 2 card mailday..


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
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I'll get to the splurging in a sec, but first..

A Shawn Johnson 2012 Topps Olympics relic

And then.. Holy Zombie Jesus! I so splurged! Well, really not. I won this next add to my Vitor Belfort PC for the astounding amount of..

$0.01 ! Tadaaaaa! :D

Not often that the shipping is 400 times as expensive the actual card!! :eek:hmy:

Poker chip card.. not a looker, but still a nice add. And hard to scan, hence the phone pic :p
I absolutely love it when you buy something that is .01 and then scroll down a little bit and see that shipping is $4.00!? Haha, I did the same thing you did Mark with Shea Weber. I was all excited until I noticed shipping was 4 bucks.
Dude, $4 is a lot within the states as well! Normally if I sell, its max of 2.50 shipping and 3.00 to Canada and international regardless.