Baseball Topps Million Dollar Giveaway is a JOKE!


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I bought about 70 of the Million Dollar Giveaway Redemptions, I just had 40 of my cards delivered to me today. 16 of them are in crappy condition, all of my cards ranged from 1959 to 1980. There's a couple that the condition is just ridiculous.
This makes me hate Topps more than anything. Considering you have to pay for shipping to get your cards which I feel is pathetic itself but then I get cards in bad condition makes me hate their company as much as UD. :mad:



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I'm a Topps believer, but I never bought into this program. My few codes are still sitting here unused and ready to get sold to some sucker so he can get his 1990 Topps Mike Heath card. I support Topps overall, but I would have never backed this program.

Keger 26

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Oh man that is a bummer!!! I thought they would be giving out quality cards... I was all geeked out cause I got a 1963 Jim Fregosi card (I am an Angel fan). I ended up with a couple cards of cards from the 1971 set and a couple of 2007 cards.....


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Yea that sucks. I have a few cards laying around that I won't do anything with. I will prolly not try to get any cards out of topps because I already have enough middle 90's topps cards haha


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I guess I was one of the lucky people. I bought a blaster box of 2010 topps S2 and it had one code. I decided to use it and it turned out to be 1958 Willie Mays! So I was like I need to get this shipped. It got here and I got it without creases(surprisingly enough) and soft corners!