Football Topps back in the NFL in 2010.


Bench Warmer
Kinda glad to hear that they signed a 4 year deal to get back in. Much better than having only one choice with Panini I think. Should be good news for alot of collectors.


Bench Warmer
So, it's final then? Just two total brand choices for football cards in '10?

I wonder if each of these brands will then add more offerings over the course of the season, than they have in past seasons. For instance, since Topps owns Bowman, will there now be Topps Sterling or Topps' Best?
Glad Topps is in the mix..especially for retail purposes. When the wifey shops at Target all friggin day I will buy a couple blasters and bust them.. you will seriosuly never pull jack out of playoff/Donruss/Pannini blasters EVER...if you are lucky you pull a Game used which will be a single color square boring card #d between 100-500. Atleast in topps you have a chance to get some nice refractors/Rcs etc if you dont hit a game used or auto.