Todays Q&A--Philberto

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You can post as many questions as you like, and the member in the title is asked to answer all questions in any way possible. Please keep it semi-clean, so that means no swearing;)

What is your alocohol level right now?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who should be the next person on the Q&A hot seat?


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Do you like being 7 foot tall and 300 pounds?

How does it feel to go out to bars with hot young girls, I forget? :(

Why do we love the Eagles when they keep breaking our hearts?

What do you want to be IF you grow up?

Not a question but thanks for being so generous with all of your freebies. :clap:


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Who/what puts the "white trash" into Wednesdays?

Who is your favorite former Alabama player to play for the Eagles and why? Some names I can think of are Alonzo Ephriam, Mark McMillian, Kevin Turner, and Mike Pitts if that helps jog your memory.

Do you remember your loudest, most disgusting fart?

I'm going to be late for class because I'm asking you questions. Do you think you could give me some words of wisdom to make up for the lost education?


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Do you remember propositioning me via text messages last night?

Did you and Dave hit 50 beers at the bar?

If you walk by an open flame right now do you feel your blood burning?


oh, since you are available why don't you drive up sunday/saturday night for the show on Sunday?


Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Why do things get darker when they get wet, even though water is clear?

Do blind people see their dreams?

Why do we feel hot when it's 95 degrees outside, even though our body temperature is normally 98.6?


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Hey Phil.

How's Moby?

What are you most proud of?

If the Eagles signed Weathersby, would they ever lose again? And would I have to fight you for his stuff on eBay?

Have you tried getting a job as security for the Eagles??

Not a question, Phil, but I loved getting to meet you and talk with you in Cleveland. Rock on brother.


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Will Ryan Moats ever be a productive back?

Should the Eagles have kept TO and drop McNabb?

Who is your favorite Eagles player (current and all time)?

What are people in Philly saying about Avant, good or bad?


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holy crap you got asked some tough questions

why are flies attracted to dog poop? maybe i should ask that to grainer


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Ive got a few

1. Did you know that i sat right next to Ryan Moats for a quarter in Sociology Class my junior year?

2. Do you like philly cheese steaks?

3. Why can't i make a decent grade in spanish?


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Sorry if these have been posted haven't looked through the thread yet:doh:

How good is Kevin Kolb?

How come both times I have been flying back from Philly to Seattle all the bathrooms broke?

Was it because of you;)?


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Phil my boy:

What is your favorite 80's band/singer?

Name a female celebrity that you find hot, that may lead other TCG'ers to question your taste in women.

Is there any TCG member that you didn't like at first, but that you now consider a bro?

What is something that interests you greatly that most people wouldn't expect?

Who do you consider the nation's most worthless celebrity?


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Hey phil,

Will the Redsox take it all this year?

Whats your faviorite type of burrito?

Have you been to a foreign country?

How many ballparks have you visited in your life?

What factors led to the outbreak of WWII ? (Ap world history essay prompt HW :D)