Title Ranking Tiers


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Hey all,

At the request of new member @Foul Territory Cards, here’s a list of how the transaction tiles break down on the site by transaction count:

Bench Warmer 0
Prospect 1-9
Rookie 10-49
Veteran 50-63
Pro 64-94
All Star 95-249
MVP 250-499
Hall of Fame 500-999
Legend 1000-2499
Immortal 2500+

As a side note, the Must Send First restriction is removed after 20 successful trades or upon feedback transfer.

Whats feedback transfer? Like I have 13,400 and none of it can be transferred? Best regards, David
Hey David…I transferred in your feedback when you signed up for the site. The number of transactions doesn’t come over, it’s just a way that we verify a new member so that they don’t have to got through the “Must Send First” period for trades.