thoughts and prayers for a friend


Bench Warmer
A guy that I work with has suffered a great loss last night. He lost his wife suddenly. We aren't sure what happened. That we know of, she wasn't sick or anything.

What we do know, is that he left work early yesterday to be with her but not in a hurry like. And some time last night she passed away.

Just asking for your thoughts and prayers for him and his family right now. She was his everything.

He is the typical looking Hells Angels rider, complete with Harley and the jacket. She was a horse breeder and rider and was teaching her 5 year old grand daughter to ride. He is the greatest guy and is having a rough time. I guess her mother just passed about a month ago, so he's been reeling with that too. He put my mind at ease about having my surgery and gave me pep talks when I needed them, especially just before my surgery when I began having second thoughts.

I'll post more once I find out any info. We are taking up a collection here at work for flowers and sort of like we did for Jamie. If you guys could just say a prayer for him tonight, that would mean a lot to me.


That is so awful that he lost his wife, I do hope that God gives him the strength needed to get through this tough time. It would be so hard to lose someone that he has loved for so many years.