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Bench Warmer
Okay folks, this is what we are doing. I am trading my basketball in Lots. Trading for Baseball and Football only. The catch is, you choose the lot. Pick out three cards that you want, tell me what your giving me ( no lowballing please ) send me your address and do not send till you get your cards. Pretty simple huh. Trade for one of the below players and pick two extra for your lot. This will continue till these cards are gone. Thanks and lets have some fun.

Players for extra cards

Michael Bush Autos or GU
Mike Piazza Autos
Garret Wolfe Autos
Trent Edwards Autos
Wrestling Autos
Jenny Finch Auto
Fans of the Game Autos


Bench Warmer
I will propose this trade. Thanks.

- 2003-04 UD Glass Game Gear GGAM Alonzo Mourning NM-MT Own 1 $12.00
- 2004 SAGE Autographs Bronze A7 Luol Deng/250 NM-MT Own 1 $15.00
- 2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot 101 Dee Brown AU NM-MT Own 1 $12.00

for these cards of mine. The Navarre is serial numbered 1 out of 50.

- 2004 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Green 151 John Navarre NM-MT Own 1 $15.00
- 2007 Donruss Classics 222 Jon Cornish AU/999 NM-MT Own 1 $10.00
- 2007 Playoff Prestige 151 Brady Quinn NM-MT Own 1 $12.00