This maybe old news but National Treasures true rc's..


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are NOT the dual patch/auto #/99 they are the single prime patch/auto #/49 or at least that's what DLP says. I don't know what beckett says as I haven't had a current Beckett in months. But I'm debating doing the set but not just a base set,just getting 1 card auto/patch/base/ which ever version I get. But I see the duals sold as the true rc's:pop:

True rc #/49

Being sold as the true rc #/99

I think it's being done to suit the set collectors so there can be 99 true sets instead of 49. Am I wrong along with DLP?:think:
P.S. I probably won't do a set but it was a thought:shh:
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Aren't the 49 game used and 99 event worn as well?

Beckett told me pretty much to buzz off when I told them the 49 was the true rookie.