Thinking of switching to Naxcom.......


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........and closing my eBay Store.

Lower fees, easier to upload mass quantities.....

But unsure on the traffic/reputation Naxcom gets.

What are your guys' thoughts on Naxcom? I would be doing a storefront not their auctions.

A link to my listings on Naxcom can be found in my sig if you are not familiar.


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i can say i don't do half bad on Naxcom. iI put a lot of odd ball items.Or just some items i know won't make crap on ebay. Let them sit there you might get more traffic on ebay at times but i think Naxcom is really hurting ebay now .


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I wouldn't jump into anything either way. Just put some stuff on Naxcom and on ebay and if you get good results from Naxcom, switch.


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i have only bought one card off of Naxcom because i couldn't find it on ebay. searching for stuff is interesting (hard for me but maybe not others) but as a seller it's got to be nice for you because i think the only way you guy buy stuff is if you use credit card. the card i bought was set up like that, and it confused me, but i guess it's seller protection. i should check it out more to see if i can find other things that i can't find on ebay.

how are their fees compared to ebay?


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I buy on Naxcom more than ebay but I have never tried to sell. It would be nice if more people used it though.