Things you hate.......


Bench Warmer
For me, theres ALOT but Ill start with-

You take a shower in the morn and 30 mins later when youre fixing to leave you feel the need to take a big dump.
jorge posada



putting on shoes without untieing laces and that flap at the end bends inward....

People who are really into religion (no problem with really being into religion) who always tell me what i should do , or I will go to hell if I do or dont do what they think is right...
Unfortunately, I cannot comment in this thread.

WHat ar eyou trying to say there Grant?!?! Hmm? Hmm?? Are there certain people you don't particularly care for?

For me.. well... stupidity. People who dont relaize they are as dumb as they are.. but that is also one of my favorite things. You can totally f with them and they DONT KNOW!!!!
People who wait until the last second to merge when their lane is ending.

People that drive slow in the far left lane on the highway.

People that screw you with S/H charges on Ebay.

People yapping on their cell phones and not paying attention when driving.

People yapping on their cell phones while checking out at the grocery store.

People that act like the world is coming to an end if they can't answer their cell phone within 1.5 seconds after the first ring.

People that don't turn their cell phone ringer off during a meeting.
Verbal stuff: Sorry.... this stuff bothers me

"I seen" instead of "I saw"

instead of
nu-cle-ar .... this one is correct, by the way

I could care less
instead of
I couldn't care less ... if you COULD care less, then why don't you?

fourf instead of fourth..... it's a "th" not a "f", stupid 30 year old grown men sound like a 12 year old with braces

and my newest one: "intrical", this is some kind of a hybrid of intricate and integral.... I can assure you that "intrical" is not a word
Other stuff:

People who are never on time/don't respect my time as much as theirs

People who call me to tell me they emailed me

The idiots I work with who can't figure out how to get digital pictures off of a camera to a computer

People who drive the speed limit and then speed up when you try to pass them

People who think that breaking up with someone is mean or shouldn't happen, is every date supposed to end up in marriage!?

Rod Barajas