Things I hate redux


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1. The Feed
2. waiting
3. losing fantasy football games when I am one of the league high scorers
4. dieting
5. airlines, airports, flight delays
6. vagrants
7. anyone that is playing LSU or New Orleans
8. The Feed
9. Dennis Dodd
10. mayonaisse


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#1 on my list right now is INJURIES TO NY GIANTS PLAYERS.

Another thing I really don't like is not having disposable income to spend on things I want.


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that losing fantasy football when being a high scorer...last year i was in he cellar of my division and the #2 overall scoring team in the league


1. Lloyd Carr
2. Lloyd Carr
3. Lloyd Carr
4. 0-2 starts
5. Mowing the lawn
6. Appalachin St.
7. Oregon
8. People who are always late.
9. See 1-3


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1. slow drivers
2. too much traffic
3. GB Packers
4. too much homework
5. ugly chicks
6. annoying chicks
7. Brett Favre
8. Chicago Bears
9. sucky waitresses


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I hate lots of things

1. Ignorant ass people
2. Tourists
3. Tourists that drive in my area
4. Tom Coughlin
5. Al Davis
6. Whatever bands Charlie is a fan of :roflmao:
7. Matt Lauer
8. Sinbad (not the pirate)
9. Deion Branch (non scoring bastard)
10. Tony Danza


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yeah love this thread

1. Being Broke
2. Having to take 4 spanish classes to graduate
3. Being Hungry
4. Waiting on my AP to come in the mail
5. Bears
6. not having a job
7. Jail
8. Moving
9. Credit Card Interest
10. Asian guys at the casino who smell

Poopy Pants

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I hate slow ebay shippers. I bid on something and paid for it 10 days ago. Now, 10 days doesnt sound like alot, but when I pay 6 dollars for a single card to be sent over the lake (seller lives in Michigan), I expect it in a timely fashion. The seller expects payment within 7 days, so it shouldnt be wrong to expect my card in 7 days.


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1. Being unemployed
2. 4 hour delay between class
3. Brett's fantassy football scoring system :)
4. People that wake me up when I'm sleeping in my car and ask me for money.
5. When the water heater stops working
6. Lowballers
7. Not being a college graduate
8. Not being able to work a regular job
9. Price of gas
10. Not being able to think of anything else that I hate.


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1. Mexicans
2. Raider Losses
3. That feeling you get when you know you're past drunk.
4. Not knowing where your cat is for 3 days
5. Beaners
6. 49ers
7. My mother


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1. Being unemployed
2. Band wagoners
3. Buyers slow to pay for ebay wins
4. Sellers slow to send me my stuff
5. Punk little lying thieves (see Lloyd04)
6. Steelers & Eagles (I would add the foreskins but they are too lousy to hate :lollol::lollol:) (I kid :roflmao: )
7. People who bad mouthed CB in the off season and now talk like he is the savior
8. Toothaches
9. Warm soda
10. Being on a daytime schedule (I love nights much better)