These are great...


Bench Warmer
9. You are allowed to root freely against the following schools for no specific reasons: Notre Dame; Notre Dame in their puke-green jerseys; Notre Dame when playing on "Triumph of the Will"-shaming propaganda house organ NBC; USC; any school that plays its fight song approximately 4,387 times per game like USC; Michigan; Miami; Ohio State; any school like Ohio State with a pretentious "the" in front of its name, because otherwise how would we know which Ohio State university they were talking about?; any school coached by Steve Spurrier; any school coached by Nick Saban.

especially agree with this one, tough call when txas played usc but i definitely hate usc more so i made my decision

and i think we all know how i feel about rule #1

but this one contradicts it
33. When arguing with fans from another conference, you are allowed to cite the accomplishments of rival schools within your conference.

33a. Grudgingly.


57. Do not call the opposing punter a wuss from the safety of the stands. He's probably tougher than you are. And if he's from Northern Colorado, he might have to cut you. :lollol::lollol::lollol::lollol:

My favorite.....

54. If you get on the message boards and/or call talk radio demanding that the coach be fired after your team loses the opener, you must stick with it and continue to pay the domain registration fee for for the next five years.