The truth about toilet paper "squares"


Bench Warmer
Was at my girlfriend's parents house over the weekend. For some reason, newspapers and magazines are hard to come by there, so when taking a dump, don't have anything to bring to read. So what did I do this time? I played with a toilet paper square. But, it wasn't a square after all:eek:....after some close observation (and some folding) it was actually a toilet paper rectangle. Could this be? Well, came back to my house today. We have two types of toilet paper, one some cheap ass (pun intended) brand and Quilted Northern. Both of these were rectangles as well.

So, yeah, all this time I have been using the misnomer "toilet paper square" on the rare occasion that a conversation deteriorates to that point. Uh......anyone else ever notice this:eek::rolleyes:
Maybe it's because I've been drinking since 4, but I just went and checked the in-laws 3 bathrooms.......and I got this to say....."Straight Squares Homey!".