The lamest idea of mojo ever...


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As you know in Canada Upper Deck puts out hockey cards through McDonalds every year. These are a great idea and probably the #1 source of exposure to the card collecting hobby for kids in Canada. You get 4 card packs for (( cents each and generally you pull nothing. There are 3 or 4 inserts sets as well that come about 1 card per 15 packs or so.

Every year I get a few packs. This year the cards look flat out awesome in design. Kids wanted McDonalds for lunch so I bought my first 3 packs of it.

Two very decent pulls for the $2.97 spent here.

Here are the base (likely all going to Syco-Dave anyways with some unopened packs):


Then the team checklist cards (1 per pack):


My decent insert pull- Joe Thornton Pride of Canada die cut (1:15 packs):


And for the first time in 10+ years of buying these things I pulled a Mikka Kiprusoff jersey card!! These usually sell around $30-40 simply because there's a few million people trying to do these sets and the jerseys and autos are impossible pulls. I've never pulled anything more than an insert before. Cool yet lame. :lollol:



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Just curious tho, it says "Here is what you COULD win" :scratch: Does that mean you have to get the math problem right, or is there a drawing for the card?


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yeah, i've bought packs of those since forever too...very hard too pull a jersey.

I'm going too buy some now because you reminded me they are out.


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bought 5 packs, pulled a selanne and iginla insert.

i think i'll put the base set together, and sell my inserts.

they both sell for like 5 bucks each on ebay, and i only spent 5 bucks on the 5 packs.

So, basically, double my money and get free base cards.