The Jersey Number Game


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Much like the alphabet game, this game is quite easy. Post cards of players in order by jersey number. It can be from any sport and for this first round, let's see how far we can get by sticking to the same rule as in the alphabet game; that all cards in this thread must be from your collection as opposed to just card images you find on the internet. We'll see how far we can get and if it proves too difficult, we'll adjust later.

Here are the rules:

1) You can't post twice in a row, meaning that someone else has to post the next jersey number if you posted already. You can post 1 & 3, for example, but not 3 & 4.
2) The card has to be a scan or picture of a card you personally own or have owned and traded/sold away. No just taking card images from other threads or off of Google.
3) You're welcome to tell a story with the image you post such as when you pulled the card, how the card fits into your PC or nothing at all. Your choice.
4) You CAN post another card of the same player assuming he's in a different jersey number.
5) Cards can be used from any sport

I"ll start with Jersey Number 1 - Cam Newton

OK, I'm up for this.

No. 2:


Brad Park, Rangers defenseman

I saw him score his first NHL goal. It was at MSG in February of 1969. The Rangers were already up by a ton, maybe 7 zip. Park had gotten so much hype. When he scored the place went nuts. Hey, we absolutely hated the Bruins.

Park is the second best #2 in Ranger history, second to Brian Leetch, but he's one of my favorites. When I started back picking up cards a few years ago I decided that when it came to hockey I'd try for one card of each of my favorite players. This is my Brad Park card.
No. 4 Brett Favre..


Really need to re-scan this..

Anywho, this is the card that sent me into my Ultimate Collection craze :D

Just a $0.50 rookie card (sad how diluted cards were in the 80's and 90's) but he's one of my all-time favorite players of ever. And now he's the mayor of Sacramento. Go figure.
#9. Roger Maris


My Dad was a Yankee fan and we went to lots of games at Yankee Stadium. We'd move from our spot behind home plate upstairs to the right field lower deck late in the game. My Dad wanted to be closer to the subway.

People would boo Maris and throw all sorts of things at him. Always amazed me. Made me appreciate what he went through in NYC.

btw... Can a mod made the image smaller? Posting from this iPad is a drag.
#10! Alex Brink!

So cool I got to add him :D so called scrub QB, now getting playing time in the CFL with Winnipeg.. this card is numbered to mybirth date as well :) (august 25, got a little tiny pc going of that 8/25)
I have to put my boy Mark Reynolds up for number 12 (as an Orioles). He was #27 with the Diamondbacks, but when he got traded he switched to 12.