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Is Andruw Jones going to get into Cooperstown?

  • Yes, he gets in

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • No, he comes up short

    Votes: 17 73.9%

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...for OF Andruw Jones!


The Stats:
Age - 33 (turns 34 on April 23, 2011)
AVG - .258
HR - 396
RBI - 1183
SB - 146

The Achievements:
5x All-Star (00, 02, 03, 05, 06)
10x Gold Glove Award Winner (98-07)
1x Silver Slugger (05)
Hank Aaron Award (05)
MLB Player of the Year (05)
Youngest player to ever hit HR in World Series

The Argument for the HOF:
Andruw was the best defensive player of his early years, and still has 5 good years left in his career. He will likely get to 500 HR's, which is a HOF lock. He is off to a great start with the White Sox this year, including 6 HR's and a .292 average. If Jim Rice and Andre Dawson are in, then shouldn't Jones be too?

The Argument against the HOF:
He had fallen off the scene after his 06 season with 41 HR's. His last year with the Braves ended in a .222 average and the Dodgers dumped him after 1 disappointing season. His "rebirth year" with the Rangers still resulted in a .214 average and only 17 HR's. This 2010 season could be a fluke and he may never be the same player we saw 5 years ago.

It's time for you to make the call - is Andruw Jones in or out?


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Not sure about HALL OF FAME, but man I remember his first 2 at bats in the majors... coming in the WORLD FREAKING SERIES against the YANKEES

He hit home runs in his first 2 major league at bats... in the feraking WORLD SERIES ... man that is INSANE !!!!!!!!


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It's time for you to make the call - is Andruw Jones in or out?[/QUOTE]

I say that he is in. Baseball HOFers are voted in based on their overall numbers, which is why longevity is so important. If he amasses 500 homers and making the all-star team 5 times(or more), then he definitely wasn't ordinary. Luckily, he started when he was 18. If he started at 25, not sure we'd be having this discussion.

Kinda sucks though, because most baseball players can play 20 seasons or more, and if you average 25 HR a year, that gets you to 500. 500 is impressive, but 25 in a single year is middle of the pack. I think if you have a guy who hits 50 HR in 5 seasons and has a career ending injury, deserves more votes to the hall than the guy who averaged 25 over 20 years. Who was really the better hitter?

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If his name hasn't been leaked to Steroids he will make it in. Because likes of Barry Bonds, Arod, Mcgwire won't be in. And if Jones plays around 3-4-5 more years and gets into the 500 club, he is a lock.


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I think Andruw will make the's gonna take another solid few seasons and he will need to add some to his HR Totals but as far as CF's go Andruw made it look so easy out there and has the Gold Gloves to prove it.