The end of the hobby for now...

Figured I would post this on here. But with college coming up I need the extra money so made the hard decision to go ahead and sell of my collection as I need. Decided it would be better to get rid of it all and when I get back into collecting again I will start from scratch. But figured that college is more important than a hooby I love. So will still be checking the boards alot but will just try to stay away from buying and such.


You'll be missed for sure but you're making a great decision. School should definitely come first. Your maturity is impressive. Glad you'll still be checking in on the boards.


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Nate, its always sad to see someone take a break or leave.. but I know after youre done with college, youll be back with a vengeance.. I know that because you told me so :p

You'll always be welcome on TCZ Nate :)
Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Still plan on being active here and talking to everyone. That way I won't miss it to much :p

May run contests a lot with base cards and such too


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I started bacj to school last year, so I understand what you are going through. I still collect but I am only able to pick up stuff every so often. Good luck!


Dang, judging by the title, the end of the hobby started with game used cards being inserted 2-3 per box, instead of 1 per case.

You'll be back. ;)
Thanks forthe posts guys. appreciate it! But yeah i definitely plan on coming back so dont worry...will sell of my collectionas money is needed. so if you guys like anything even pc just send a pm and let me know!