The beer thread


Bench Warmer
Favorite tasting beer: Sam Adams (nice hops-oriented beer, best beer I've ever had that's easy to find anyways)

Least favorite beer, period: Miller High Life ('s like corn syrup with some alcohol and fizz)

Beer of choice: PBR (the only cheap beer I buy, very good taste despite the low price tag, great for my college budget:dance:)

Most overrated beer: Heinekenn (or whatever) .....bland, boring, not worth the price

Let's hear what the rest of you beer drinkers think!
I go through phases.

right now its Bud Light.

Previous Phases:
Dos XX
Miller Lite

Only thing I dont like are Skunk Beers. Heine, Rolling Rock, etc
Mean Gene says you should drink Magic Hat #9. I love this stuff!!

New Favorite: Newcastle Brown
Runner-up: Blue Moon Honey Orange Ale

Least favorite: Heineken (when I was stationed in Thailand this is the only thing I drank for about 2 months.) Now I can't stomach it.
I used to like Heineken but now for some reason, my body really doesn't respond well to it. It takes me forever to finish and I usually end up with a stomache. It's weird.:eh:
Best tasting beer without a doubt is Hef off the tap!

If we talking bottles/cans i like coronas, dos equis amber, modelo especial (bottle only) And on days i feel like being cheap ( which is a lot) i like coors light

beers i dont care for : ( ill drink almost anything) but for some reason budweiser has never been good to me, i think ive also drank too much budlight in my time as im not caring for it much these days.
Well i worked for a miller Beer Dist. So i had to many to say but if you guys have it try Yuengling very good but i have tasted plenty and i don't really drink :doh:
#1 fave Guiness (nothing compares)

Also like Molson Canadian, Labatt's Blue & Kokanee and a local beer Clear Creek Ice is good too for 7.2% alcohol

Hate everything else, but I'll suffer with any dark ale if I have to.