The Alphabet Game - Round 1?


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Okay, here's my idea. Let's start a game thread so that we can see some cards we might not have seen otherwise. Here's the general idea:

We go through the alphabet A-Z. You post a card where the players name (first or last, doesn't matter) starts with the next letter. Once we hit Z, we just start over again at A. There are only a few rules:

1) You can't post twice in a row, meaning that someone else has to post the next letter if you posted already. You can post A & C, for example, but not C & D.
2) The card has to be a scan or picture of a card you personally own at the time. No just taking card images from other threads or off of Google.
3) You're welcome to tell a story with the image you post such as when you pulled the card, how the card fits into your PC or nothing at all. Your choice.
4) You can't post another card of the same player that was used for that letter in the previous round. It'll be easy enough to hop back a couple pages in the thread to see who it was. You don't have to check all the rounds, just the previous one.
5) Due to a shortage of athletes whose name starts with "X", entries for X can be anyone who has an X anywhere in their name. This is only letter for which this rule applies.

Easy enough, right? I figure I need to see more cards at all times so let's just run through the alphabet a few times and see what awesomeness comes about.

I'm going to get the ball rolling with a crappy image of a not-so-great card just because it's what's here in front of me. My webcam happens to be my only camera at the moment so I assure you, future entries will be clearer pictures of nicer cards but in order to get us started, I present:


Alex Avila - 2012 Gypsy Queen Relic

So who's got "B"?
Oh, sorry Cool_Hand_Flash ... it was just a coincidence that both first and last name started with A. Just one or the other is required.

franklinguy52, that's a sweet card. I like the pant stripe. Nice lookin card.

As for C, I'd be dumb not to use one of my biggest hits from yesterday.


2011 Panini Prime Sigs - Cam Newton auto RC - 28/199

For my story on this one, you can see this thread. :)
Cool idea for a game. Here's the letter 'E', and one of my all time favorite players.


Emmitt Smith /25
Here's a guy who I'm hoping will step it up in a big way this year to help my Cowboys go deep into the playoffs.


Dwayne Harris
Pulled this one yesterday. Nothing special but a nice looking card anyway. Well, not the blurry version in this picture but I digress ...


Mark Ingram
Here's one of the smallest 2 color patch pieces you'll ever see on a card. :D


Charley Joiner /25