Thats it, from now on just ripping non sport...

ND Zibby

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Wow, wow,wow !!!! I can't see spending that much on a card like that. But then again, I'm sure they would say the same about me and some of my FB card purchases. ;)

Wish I would have pulled that card. Oh wait, I didn't bust any Star Wars. Last time I did was back in the '70's and those are looooooooong gone !! :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:


no friggin doubt... reminds me of the guy that bought the life size yoda from me to be the best man in his wedding :shock:

Are you serious Mike?

And that is some crazy loot, for that auto. Wonder how many were signed. And Harrison Ford has an ugly auto!


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I met his girlfriend Flockhart at our family reunion. Shes related distant to us from my moms side.

Harrison wasn't there though, he had to fly somewhere and was picking her up later.

Her adopted son was there....hes a brat.


Met Harrison once. Nice guy. He is my favorite actor so I went nuts in my attempt to meet him. Paid $300 for a ticket to a charity event he was chairman at plus $85 for a tux rental.

Was worth it though. Long story I'll share if anyone cares but I got one of only two pics with him and as far as I know the only autographs (at least in the time I saw him and I was there from the minute he arrived till the minute he left).

Anyway, signature was pretty much the same but a little nicer in person.