Testing waters with custom cards


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I decided to try to create my own custom cards

I created it in hopes to add to my pc and obtain a marino autograph with sticker and switch sticker onto my card..


And here's a cheap little one i did in about 2 minutes just to see how sticker auto looked


I have actually decided to do myself a little base set of custom 1/1s for myself..


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Very nice looking cards. If you do trough the mail autographs you could try sending the custom cards to get signed on-card. Of course that might limit who you could get an auto of. I don't do TTM autos but apparently some players don't respond, or will only sign if paid. Some will sign only one card sent while others sign everything.


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Thanks guys!

Kirk, I actually only did one to have an actual auto of and that is the Marino. Marinocollector on another site (nicest marino collection i have ever seen) recommended me to someone who said they see Marino every week during the season and would be more than willing to get an auto and told me to pm him and ask him about it.

I am actually Creating my own little base set:


They are all going to look somewhat like that, but different. still making minor changes