TCZ Coins - Link the Ink - Week 14


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Hello all Coin Hunters on TCZ!

Looking for Coin? Up for a challenge? Well, have we got the ticket for you :)

Each week I will post a close up of an autograph off of a card. It can be from any sport (including UFC/MMA), and it will be all our fine members job, to guess which athlete put pen to card (or sticker).. In other words, the challenge is to Link the Ink ;)

Each contest will run for a week, and after said week, all correct answers will get a trip to and who ever is on top after 3 clicks wins a TCZ Coin!

Please send me a PM marked "Link the Ink week 14" and the name of the athlete, and only the name, you think it is. Please, do NOT post your guess in the thread!
So.. the original picturef this card was on our ld laptop, and tha doesnt work.. and since this was ages ago, I'm just gonna do a new one in a few minutes :p

And it'll be for a point, not a coin as back then.. anywho, new tread coming u n a few! :)