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Seems to be some interest in reviving this one so I will get it started. I'm going to create a package of cards, very random cards, to be sent and shared with anyone who would like to join. Every person who receives the package will take a card and leave a card. When the package comes back to me, I'll take out several of the cards and replace them with something else then start all over again.

We'll wait until we have at least 7 members before I will start it, but new members can be added on the bottom of the list even after it gets started.


  1. Everyone added to the list will be added at the bottom, in order.
  2. Post in this thread when you receive the package, and when you know what you're taking from it.
  3. Respect the system. If you take a $10 card, leave another $10 card in its place.
  4. NEW PM @franklinguy52 with what you are adding to the package. NEW
  5. You must send the package back out within 7 days of receiving it, with DC (if inside the US), to the next person on the list.
  6. Please list whether you are able to ship outside of the United States (it does cost a little more) so than we can reset the order if necessary.

:whistle: means member who currently has the package.

@franklinguy52 (Ship anywhere)
@Mike (Ship anywhere)
@Amandashubby2010 (Ship anywhere)
@pwolantern (Ship anywhere)
@rigo tovar (Ship anywhere)
@Jeremy (Ship anywhere)
@MWS (Ship anywhere)
@bajmurray (Ship anywhere)
@michaelou44 (Ship anywhere)
@5toosweet (Ship anywhere):whistle:
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Also, one thing that might not be a bad idea is to have all members post whether or not they'd be willing to ship outside the US, since it costs a little bit more. That way you can reorder the list to make sure that nobody is sending outside the US if they don't want to. I, for one, will definitely ship outside the US.