Football T O signs with Bengals


Bench Warmer
Helps Ocho , now he will get less attention with to on the other side. Still dont think they will beat the ravens if reed is healthly .


Bench Warmer
Well Ravens got swept by them last year and split with the Steelers. Had toruble beating Dennis Dixon.. 1st rnd pick Kindle out and Mt COdy well just that Mount. Was put pup list.
Trust me Boldin is not gonna make the difference. Guy can never play a full year
All the hype the Ravens better do good.. Hope their fans are around at the end of the year if they fail.
Its the Benglas division to lose IMO


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Well i guess Shipley is going to have a great season with two talkies on the sides of him so he will be more wide open than a hookers legs on any given payday.