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Survival tips for collectors returning to collecting Sports Cards


For a lot of people, collecting sports cards isn't something we do our entire lives. We might start as kids then and stop in the pursuit of a car, college degree, family or any combination of the above. Some may collect for a while and simply move on like me for whatever reason. And that's perfectly okay. There is a solid chance that when you returned to collecting sports cards, the hobby landscape looked a lot different, good and bad. Depending on when you last collected, navigating this new world can be fun, exciting, disheartening, scary and a little bit overwhelming. I have some tips to help back into the world of collecting.

1. Don't chase everything - there a lot of products out there no matter what you collect, don't even try to collect it all. Just the ones you are really interested and important.

2. Some cards are very expensive - in this day and age, prices have really risen and remember that not every product is meant for everyone

3. Take your time - It’s easy to get consumed and overwhelmed trying to take everything in at once. You’ve been gone for a while. Be sure to take your time and look around. See what kinds of cards there are and where to find them.