Surgery went well


retired hippie
Gross pictures to follow. I'm drugged up at the moment :D, been home about an hour the wife is providng all the TLC i can handle. Glad i did this today so I can enjoy F/B tommorow. Already putting weight on the knee so full recovery expected.

Sorry I was unable to get the Knockout Elminator started up before hand, I will be doing something along the lines of what i did last year.

Thanks for all the good thoughts beforehand.

TCG Rocks!!!


Bench Warmer
Glad to hear all went well :cheers:

I bet you will be all back to normal soon! (But hopefully not TOO soon...I'm sure that TLC is lots of fun) ;):D



Bench Warmer
Good to hear it all went well and you are recovering. Also glad to hear your wife is handling the TLC rather than Bama. ;)


Bench Warmer
glad everything went well and you are able to start putting weight on it

did they mark you yes and no? or just initial your leg? careful cause that marker doesn't come off easily.