super strange break


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not a superfractor, so get that out of your head...

12 boxes, essentially a case of 2014 Topps Olympic from Black Friday Sale

Rainbow Parallels 1 per box
Keri Herman
Monique Lamoureux
Justin Reittter
Jazmine Fenlator x3
Max Aaron x3
John Daly x3

ok, 100 card set, i get 6 different rainbows?...i wouldnt have been mad if it were Lindsay Vonn or something cause i know i could sell her for $10 each...instead i get commons, lots of duplicates of commons...

Maia Shibutani
Seth Wescott
Kikkan Randall
Max Aaron
Erin Hamlin
Alex Shibutani
Torin Yater Wallace
Hannah Kearney
Amy Purdy x2
Lindsay Jacobellis
Meryl Davis

no multicolored base relics, which is also odd, ive pulled some crazy relics from this stuff, you can look at any of my other breaks, lots of color...

Tom Wallisch
Alana Nichols
Torin Yater Wallace
Ted Ligety

ok, so those are pretty sad as well, Ligety is the best and it might get me $10...

Rings Patch (2 per case average)
Leanne Smith
Rico Roman

the Roman should sell pretty quick id gather, and in the $15+ range

Sochi Patch (2 per case average)
Maddie Bowman
Brittany Bowe

both are pretty much garbage

Sochi Pin (1 per case average)
Seth Wescott
Hannah Kearney

ive had luck with Kearney stuff over the past 2 weeks, so maybe i get $15 out of that...

Bronze Relics /75
Max Aaron
Julia Mancuso
Ted Ligety (2 color)

finally a multicolor hit and it wont command much

Silver Relic /50
Shani Davis

what do you know, another single color...

Bronze Auto /50
Shani Davis
Lindsay Van 50/50

thats Van not Vonn, so again, not so great

Silver Auto /30
Agnes Zawadzki least she sells, but its probably $10-$15

Champions Autos (stated 1:3 boxes, only on card auots in the set)
Scott Hamilton x2
Nancy Kerrigan
Peggy Flemming
Dick Button
Jim Craig

so averaged 1:2 boxes, i think i pulled 10 when i did 2 cases, so i beat the odds a bit, the Craig sells quite nicely, in the past Flemming has done around $35, but i see the last one went for $13, so that isnt cool, though the one currently listed is bid up over $20, and i aleady pulled a Kerrigan for the PC last go round...

Gold Relic (basically 1 per case or more) /25
Jamie Anderson 2 Color

pretty much every Anderson i have seen is multicolor, so not unique, and i bought one a couple months back for around $10, so not so great, but she is hot...

Gold Auto (again, 1 per case or more) /15
Steve Langton

yeah, not much there...

so those were the Olympic cards...

i also bought a box/pack of 2013 Ace Authentics Tennis, 10 autos per, and it was like $42, i figured what the heck...

so i got 10 people you have probably never heard of

5 base autos, i checked and these and 4 of the 5 go for under $5 in completed sales...the one 'good' one is some Sabine Lisicki chick, and she appears to be an attractive young lady, so that is cool, and it sells in the $20 area

then i got a National Pride insert of some dude id never heard of that sells under $5 again

then i got some numbered stuff
Bethanie Mattek Sands /50 again, a coulpe bucks
Fernando Gonzalez National Pride /50, again, a couple bucks
Nancy Richey National Pride /15, probably get around $10 or so i would figure
Ivan Ljubicic National Pride 3/3, pretty rare, so i should get a few bucks out of it, i saw where one numbered higher went for like $15, so ill try for $30 on it

all cards came in toploaders, ive never busted a product like this before, was hoping to hit a Nadal or something, those go for $100-$250 depending on what it is...

not terrible, but not great either...

hopefully i can start getting money back on this tomorrow night, not sure how many ill still have to upload at that point...


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i dont feel like scanning much, so since this is really the 'new' stuff, thats the highlights of the tennis