Suns/Bobcats 5 player trade


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Suns Get:
Jason Richardson
Jared Dudley

Bobcats Get:
Raja Bell
Boris Diaw
Sean Singletary

Personally, I like the trade. The Suns get an upgrade at the SG position. Jared Dudley will be another Diaw type player. Play many positions.


Bench Warmer
Richardson should be a nice addition to the Suns as long as he stays healthy. Good scorer, good team guy, possible concern with a re-occuring knee issue. Hopefully that is behind him, I was a big fan of his in GSW.
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I like the trade for both teams. Now Charlotte gets some depth and PHX gets Dudley (who was misused by Larry Brown, go figure :rambo: ) and JRich, who, at times, is a great player.

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