Sucky freakin day!


Bench Warmer
So I go to football practice tonight and the coach decided to do some really stupid "team" drills. I go to pass block a guy who is lined up 5 yards to the right of me and I end rolling my right ankle really bad. So bad, my ankle was about three times its normal size. After getting my shoe on and tightening it (which made me see stars) I walked to my truck and drove home. Remember right ankle? Yeah the foot used to hit the gas. I'm wondering is Kelly or Cris could hear me everytime I had to hit the gas because the yell could be heard for miles.

One of the players was nice enough to stop at Fred Meyer for me and pick up a tub and ice for me. I just got done with 20 minutes of ice cold water so now my ankle is so stiff,I can't get out of this chair. This could not have happened at a worse time as we play two undefeated teams in the next 2 weeks. I'm a fast healer but something tells me I will miss my first NWFL game. :(
Chris!!! Take care, I am pullin for ya dude!!!

With Cougarwash's ankle thing and my doc with my meds for my feet. This is not a good week for Seahawks fans and feet.

Take care bud!!
thanks for the kind words all. I could not sleep for more than an hour at a time last night. It would throb and the only way to stop would be to sit on the edge of my bed and put my foot on the floor. I had to have my boss pick me up this morning because I could not drive at all.

Not a happy camper.