Stupid Trick or Treater....


Bench Warmer
Our street has no lights. Most houses have their lights off. Our house has its' lights off and sits up a steep driveway about 250 from road. Hell stairs have no railing. So of course the door bell rings, three dogs start recreating their Cujo tryout tapes, doorbell rings again. So turn on lights, there is a single trick or treater there, no flashlight, nobody with him, crazy. Fortunately wife bought a bag of candy, if he kept ringing that stupid bell would have burried him in the backyard with the other bodies.

Poopy Pants

Bench Warmer
Last night on the local news, they had a story about over age trick or treaters. They said that they are ruining it for younger kids, and should stop. They even recommended people to put dog biscuits at the bottom of their candy bowl, so when an older trick or treater comes by, they get a biscuit instead of candy. It was one of the bigger waste of time I have seen on the news for a while, besides the ESPN "whos now" segment.