Store, Organize, database questions


Bench Warmer
I have a few questions or looking for suggestions.

First off, I am working on a few projects

a. the Ultimate Hockey card Catalog (one card for every set ever made, (euro, main, insert, parallel, minor promo)

Presently storing these by year for 1990 to present, decade for the periods before.

b. Colorado Avalanche Catalog

Presently Storing by year

c. Boston Bruins Catalog

Just in a box.

Now the questions/suggestions

Thinking about changing the way I store the Avs and Bruins cards by player? Possibly in binders, boxes.

Does anyone use a program, dbase, excel to catalog their collection? If so what?

Any suggestions or comments?
I've never used any kind of software to organize my cards, but if I were to use one it would likely be one that allowed me to sort my cards by team, sport, year, player, or any combination of those. If it didn't do that, then I'd say organizing them in boxes (like I do now) is just as good.