Storage, display and your PC: A bitter love triangle


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I was just trying to be dramatic with my title.

I want to know how you guys maintain your PC's? Here's my thing. I'm way too OCD for my own good. Therefore, I'd love to have all of my PC cards organized together. My collection, however, contains (or will eventually) any number of cards of particular players. Anywhere from 40 cent cards to, well, who knows. So obviously the higher priced ones are going to be kept in magnetics or screw downs whereas the cheap cards in pages in a book and then there are a few midrange or thick cards that have to be kept in top loaders. But that annoys the crap out of me because I don't want to look in two, three, four different areas to see or display my cards. In a perfect world, I'd be rich and be able to put every single card from my PC into a magnetic just for uniformity. hahaha

So I guess what I'm asking is, how do you guys maintain your PC's? What makes it out of the soft sleeves and into hard plastics? Where's your cut off of the value where that happens? Or do you just throw all of your cards in a 660 cardboard and call it a day? :)

Let me know!
I know how you feel about having everything in order :LOL:

Well, all excess base/dupes go in shoeboxes

All my slightly more important base go in plastic 100 card holders/boxes..

All my faves and Ultimate Collection goes in binders..

All hits of my faves and UC go in top loaders, and super expensive or special cards go in mags/screw downs.. and I dont have enough of those lol

Some lesser hits, no name autos/jersey are in a binder as well, because Id rather have my faves in em..

And about cut off value, I dont have one. I have a numbered to-cut off.. any base parallel or insert /50 and under go in a toploader to take care of em.. same with autos, Id never put a low numbered auto in a binder no matter how awful the player is :p

The only items I display are signed photos and figures/statues and the sort. All cards are tucked away to protect em.
Haha I am actually thinking about putting a shelf up in my room (only 19) so noone else. Want to put it up over my bed so right once you walk in its in front of you and put them up there. Or may put a shelf on each wall to make it better
I have a three 3500 count boxes for my Avalanche PC. I arrange all those cards in year order.

I put all the GU and auto in magnetics one touch.

The rest in penny sleaves and top loaders.

the over sized cards I put in a binder in year order.

For my Player PC I put them all in a binder in secquence unless the card is graded. Trying to aquire some of the holders for binders that house the graded cards.

Hope this helps.
I really like using binders to display my cards but have found it more difficult when the PC gets bigger. I have switched back and forth over the years. LOL