[Stolen Idea]Framed!... Sooners


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i saw Blitzburghs thread about his framing jobs and decided to go look for myself
stopped at joanns since thats where he went and the g/f got a few frames that were cheap since verything was half off and i bought this one thats designed to hold five pictures but i put in my tommie harris press pass set

kinda fuzzy, heres a closeup of the red ink version


i still want to add something to it but idk what yet and its easy enough to open and change

i was a little disappointed i didnt find anything that would fit a jersey so i hit micheals and all of there collectibles frames were half off so i picked up a 16x20 shadow box frame and put my tommie harris in it with the coa


i would like to have a bigger frame so you can see the whole thing but those cost around 200-400 and this was 25 so im pretty happy with it
if i get any more jerseys i think im gonna go with this type of frame


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Luckily for you he forgot to patent the idea ;), great looking set.... how does it look up on the wall? :D

im always afraid to post pics like this one since you guys catch everything in the view of the camera, really need to vauum but i think it will look good next to the jersey and my other framed sooners cards

i dont have a pic of it frame all together but its all the prestige variants from the four sooners in the set from that year(base, red /150, purple /75, green /50, and black /25)

i did eventually land the black /25(for way too much)

dan cody

mark bradley

mark clayton(he was an sp in the set)

its in a 20-card hold in four rows of five so each guy gets a row, it looks pretty cool