Steven Jackson selling all time high?


Massive Jackson Stalker

Nice sale though!!!!!!!!!!

I would think that he has nowhere to go but higher...he's #2 in projected fantasy drafts behind LT (most of the time) and he's got HUUUUGE potential. That's why I'm keeping everything i've got of him! :)

PS, if you ever need to unload anything else, let me know!


unless i misunderstood i think he was just using that as an example, not necessarily his

Its mine, I co-run prospectors Inc with my buddy who lives in boston. I was actually supposed to be in WP right now but I was to lazy to fly to NY.

Im wondering if now is the time to sell 39/299 spa auto patch.

"Welcome to the brand new Prospectors INC. auctions, formerly known as JVC1886. We have teamed up with Hobby Kings to bring you some of the best sportscards in the hobby. Bid with confidence as you are buying from some of the best dealers in the world! Look for us at a card show near you as we do big shows all over the country."
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