Start of my 1969 Topps Project


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I just started this and only have 10 cards of the 263 but of the 10 cards I have all are stars, and 4 of them are 4 of the 5 top cards in the set

Here are the scans so far:

#25 Johnny Unitas

#26 Brian Piccolo Rookie UER

#36 Dan Abramowicz Rookie

#51 Gayle Sayers

#53 Bob Lilly

#69 Lance Alworth

#75 Don Meredith

#100 Joe Namath

#105 Doug Atkins

#240 Billy Kilmer

I will use this thread to make my updates from now on out

thanks and have a happy tomorrow.


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I think since its a UER, the value is the same. I could be wrong though. I remember 1990 Topps had the Frank Thomas NNO (No name on front) and it was quickly corrected so the NNO one was a super short print. It's been awhile since I've looked in a baseball beckett (or any beckett) but I seem to remember the regular RC booking at like $5 while the NNO one was either $300 or $3000...

either way....
nice cards!!!!


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Update 5/26/07

Pete Banaszak #30

Fran Tarkenton #150

Craig Morton #235

Mel Renfro #254

the Tarkenton is another one of the big cards in the set, so I am glad to get it out of the way as well.:cool: