SPx Hot Box 7/10 packs


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I don't buy much Basketball, but the guy at the card shop convinced me to try the new SPx and it ended up being a "hot box" - although with the results I am not so sure it is a hot box.

All is for trade, looking for Bulls and Pistons in Basketball, Bears and Lions in Football. Would also look at trade bait as well.

Super Scripts DJ Strawberry
Super Scripts Richard Jefferson
Super Scripts Jarrett Jack
Alando Tucker Rookie Jersey Autograph 361/825

Jersey cards:
Winning Materials Dual Baron Davis/Al Harrington
Winning Materials Carmelo Anthony dual GU
Winning Materials Baron Davis Dual GU
Winning Materials TJ Ford Dual GU (2 different colors)
Winning Materials Chris Paul dual GU and it is different from others, foil background
Flashback Fabrics Jason Kapono pink swatch
Freshman Orientation Brandan Wright Yellow swatch/patch (from orange uni - harder color I would imagine to find)
Freshman Orientation Jason Smith
Freshman Tandems dual jersey card Thaddeus Young/Jason Smith
Freshman Tandems dual jersey card AAron Brooks/Arron Afflalo (pending)

If you are looking for singles just ask, didn't get too many due to two hits per pack.

The other guy who got three packs got 5 jerseys and a jersey/auto of no namers pretty much. Sad to me to see a "hot box" with only two numbered cards and really no big hit or "mojo" if you will. Again all are for trade,

Phoenix Suns Man

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Hello - I'm interested in these:
Please check my site-I have several Bulls and have a Al Kaline Auto # /15

--Super Scripts DJ Strawberry
--Alando Tucker Rookie Jersey Autograph 361/825

Thanks, Russ


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I am interested in the following card.

Super Scripts Richard Jefferson

I have the following cards from the teams in your wantlist.

- 2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Scrapbook 17 Jason Maxiell NM-MT Own 1 $2.00
- 2006-07 Bowman Chrome Refractors 119 Will Blalock NM-MT Own 1 $10.00
- 2006-07 Topps Chrome 193 Will Blalock NM-MT Own 1 $3.00
- 2006-07 Topps Trademark Moves Wood 43 Richard Hamilton NM-MT Own 1 $2.00
- 2006-07 Topps Turkey Red 216 Will Blalock NM-MT Own 1 $2.50
- 2007-08 Topps 125 Rodney Stuckey NM-MT Own 1 $4.00

2004 Playoff Prestige195Keith SmithNM-MTOwn1 $2.00

- 2006 Bowman Chrome 23 Danieal Manning NM-MT Own 1 $2.00
- 2006 Bowman Chrome 90 J.D. Runnels NM-MT Own 1 $3.00


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Freshman Orientation Brandan Wright Yellow swatch/patch (from orange uni - harder color I would imagine to find)

i have a post on the top of this forum with my updated tradelist, lmk


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Russ, interested in the Deng auto, Gordon's and possibly the Kaline, pm me an offer if you wish

Sportsguyryan, didn't see anything for the auto, thanks though

Chris, Like the Gordon auto, but Russ has first shot at the Strawberry

Tarheel, didn't see any Bulls, will check with my Pistons guy on the Hamiltons

southhawk, I like the AP LCM, but figure that might be out of range

Sportscardstars, I like the Gaines Adams/Greg Olsen dual auto, but Russ was first to respond so depends on deal from him first.

TribeBuckeye, look forward to hear from you.

thanks all,


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Hey I like the
Brandon Wright and Baron/Harrington dual and baron dual

I have these bulls and pistons




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I don't have any auto's in the range of the Jack, but I know I do have a Gordon Bowman RC I can give (BV $10) for it, and I can probably throw in a few bucks of other regular RC's if interested. LMK and I'll see what else I may have.

Edit - just noticed you also have a Sizemore auto I can use. I can definitely go in your favor for this one. I'll put together a list tonight and pm you.


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thats rough man, the card store by my house is charging 20 bucks a pack for spx!

i can use the melo jersey , let me know if you see anything...


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Tribe, let me know

Uncle, I like the hinrich auto and possibly the Deng GU let me know what you think (or if I missed other Bulls GU/autos you might have)

I was a bit dissapointed and I doubt I got my money's worth with a "hot box". You could say I got book value, but that might be pushing it. Our shop was charging $20 per pack as well and gave me a couple bucks off since even he thought it was a rough box.