Sports Card Club Big 2023 Goal! Introducing Monthly Trader Contest FREE Breaks!


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Hi everybody,

Wanted to make this a standalone post to highlight that our BIG 2023 goal here on Sports Card Club is to increase trading on the site. I really got started years ago as a set builder and absolutely loved jumping online to see if anybody had any cards I could use…and it was just as exciting when I found cards that I had that others could use to help complete their sets!

That said…in addition to the monthly transaction contest free breaks I’ll also be doing a monthly trader contest free break that will run the same way we have been doing the transaction contest free breaks. For the monthly trader contest free break, the member with the most trades in that month will get to choose their free team first, member with second most trade picks second, and so on.

Hoping that this will be a nice incentive to continue the trading on the site!

Please let me know if anybody has any questions…otherwise let the trading begin/continue! :)