Sports Card and Collectibles Contest Site

I built a new Contest site for fun and launched it this past week. Aside from giving out t-shirts each month I'm trying to work out some deals with some card distributors to sweeten the prizes we'll have to offer. The premise of the site is pretty simple, Guess the final bid amount on Internet collectibles Auctions (called Challenges), earn the highest rank in the Sports Card Category (or overall) and earn the right to be called "the BidKahuna" each month. We'll also have Prize Challenges for Winning individual auctions, as well as Prizes for people who refer the most users to the site. We're going to keep it fun. So if you're interested to see how it all works, here's the link to the Sports Card section of the site:

If you use the Quick Challenge feature you are emailed your login information and then you can Sign In and submit more Challenges. We're almost done with a new feature where, once Signed In you can create your own Challenges which we have to approve before releasing to the Community.

Right now the only Prize Challenge we have going on is for someone to guess the final bid on an Adam Hughes Comic Art Cover. We're doing that as a Charity thing for the Hero Initiative, and the Prize Package is worth over $350 with a few gift cards that might interest some of you.

The fun thing about the site is you don't have to buy or bid on anything. Its like bidding on auctions with none of the guilt.

If you guys have any comments or suggestions on how we can make the site better please let me know!