Basketball Sort of an oddball break today :D X-GAMES


Bench Warmer
Yep that's right, I visited my local shop and got it for only five dollars! It was a box of 2004 X-Games Series One. 24 packs, 7 cards and a checklist per pack. No video this time. First thing I noticed was the card design. One, they're oversized. Two, the base cards are diecut. And three, the cards are sick!! Here are base card examples and a Dunleavy Topps for comparison. The base cards actually have glossy strips spreading out from the corner and the names are in orange foil, can't really tell from the scan though.


I managed two full 46-card base sets and almost a third!


And then the two insert types:

Rewind Series:


And probably the sweetest insert set cards I own..

"Rockstars" insert--The center section is actually film type material! It shows up very well in the scan and when you hold it up to light.


All of these cards look so much nicer in person! I know there aren't any big hits or anything but the break was very fun for the price and I'd definitely buy more if I had the chance. Thanks and enjoy!
77ncaachamps said:
Never seen those before! Truly oddball!

Thanks a lot, I hadn't either but a couple weeks ago I took note of the box sitting on the shelf for five bucks and I decided "eh, why not?" :).

ac-n-mike said:
$5 a box? not bad

Yeah, on one of the boxes for sale on ebay it says the packs originally retailed at $6 per.