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There is a pretty strong feeling Oakland's Joe Blanton will be available. "I think clubs like San Diego and Baltimore will see if they can sign Jake Peavy and Erik Bedard long term", an NL GM said, "and if they cannot, in a market craving top flight starters so badly, I think they must make them available and see what they can get".

The general feeling was that the Phillies won their trade for Brad Lidge. There was concern if Lidge would handle the small park in Philadelphia and the hostile fan base. However, this was about more than Lidge's good stuff and the tepid package sent back to Houston.

The expectation is that Florida will ask a big price for Miguel Cabrera now to see if anyone from among, at least, the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers and Giants will meet the cost. It is probable the Marlins would lower those demands around the Winter Meetings.

The Marlins would like the Angels to include 2nd baseman Howie Kendrick in any trade package for 3rd baseman Miguel Cabrera, raising the possibility that the Angels might respond by asking for permission to negotiate with Cabrera and making their best trade offer contingent on reaching a contract extension with him.

Outfielder Jose Guillen, immersed in steroids allegations, is headed for free agency after he declined Thursday to exercise his $5 million option to return to the Mariners for 2008. Last Friday, the Mariners had declined to exercise the team's option on a $9 million contract for Guillen next season.

There were some rumblings the Yankees were interested in Miguel Tejada. However, a person familiar with their thinking called that highly doubtful. Tejada has some association with the ongoing steroid investigation and the Yanks already have lived unhappily, dealing with Jason Giambi.

With Tom Glavine reportedly weeks away from rejoining the Braves, the Mets gauged the starting pitching market and found that the limited free agent pool has prompted teams to dangle young talents such as Tampa Bay's Scott Kazmir and Minnesota's Matt Garza to see what ransom they might command.

With George J. Mitchell's investigation into drug use looming over Major League Baseball, player agents were informed by union officials earlier this week that up to 11 players who are now free agents maybe named in Mitchell's report when it is ultimately issued.

The Rangers have significant interest in Torii Hunter however are concerned about where the market might drive the length and financial terms of a deal for him. They could have interest in Andruw Jones on a short-term, shared risk deal. Aaron Rowand and Mike Cameron appear to be fall back options among the free agents.

Major League Baseball and the Players Association Thursday denied a report that mentioned agents was informed that the names of 11 current free agents will appear in the highly anticipated Mitchell Report.
There have been some rumblings around Toronto that A.J. Burnett could be available for the right trade. I think that it would be a huge mistake to move him, as it is tough to get decent pitching anymore.
and we all have a pretty good idea that Johan won't be in MN next year...........making all of those cards Tom has with JS in a Minnesota uniform practically worthless..................:p
worthless to WORTH ALOT you mean

Yanks and Mets article in the NY post today that they will fight each other for it, but the yanks have the edge with their prospects
The Tigers have said that their new #1 priority is re-signing CL Todd Jones. If that doesn't happen, look for Mariano Rivera, Francisco Cordero, & Eric Gagne to meet with Detroit. Also, left field is open to all players.

Kenny Rogers' agent, Scott Boras, tells sources that he will test the free agent market! He did say earlier this year, "I want to retire as a Tiger." Carlos Silva has been considered as a replacement in the rotation.
Johan Santana #57 said:
And feel free to post any rumors you have heard as well!

Burnett is a smart thing to trade IMO if you can get something decent, he always has arm problems.

Very true, but what do you get back for him? That is the key. He was a good work horse down the stretch for the Jays this year, but unfortunately it was too late. Injuries killed any chance of competing for a wild card spot. Burnett's contract is very hefty, so not sure who would want it, especially with his past injury problems haunting him.
He could fit in with the Yankees, but here's a proposal for you. You pay around half of his contract, and the Tigers will give you SS Ramon Santiago and OF Timo Perez. Do we got a deal?
Here's some stuff I've been hearing lately:

Angels trade Kendrick, Mathis, Santana and/or Saunders for Miguel Cabrera

Yankees deal Hughes/Kennedy, Cabrera, and 1 or two prospects for Johan Santana

Red Sox could deal Crisp, Lester, Lowrie, and 1 other prospect for Johan Santana

Miguel Tejada to White Sox for ??????

Also look for Kenny Rogers to sign with Detroit after the Rule 5 draft. If he doesn't (very unlikely), Carlos Silva or Livan Hernandez are expected to replace him.