Some people are ridiculous....


Bench Warmer
I work on the Board of Directors for a local LGBT community center. I have a woman on my IT committee. She asked me to change the billing for the web site off her personal credit card, so I did it. Now, she's bitching at me because I didn't get back to her and tell her that I completed it.

WTF - if you ask me to do something, I'll do it. I don't always have the time or inclination to go back and tell you I completed it.


Bench Warmer
It just pisses me off because she sent out about 10 e-mails blasting me about it (assuming that I never completed it). Then she sent out one blasting me for not telling her that I had done what she asked. You can't win with some people.


Bench Warmer
Sounds like just another angry person who gets off on making other people miserable. I agree with deputyjaay. You need to give her the backhand. :salut:


retired hippie
Folks like that aren't worth worring about & you'll find most others feel the same way you do about her. She wants everyone to be YES people & bow to her every whim. Just make sure your bases are covered & you'll be O.K.


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The sad thing is that she wrote all this hate spewed e-mails that were like if you had any sense of professionalism blah blah blah and management skills....

WTF - I'm the Controller at a publicly traded company (with a happy group of direct reports) - even if I look young, I probably make more money than most people who are on the board.


sounds like you need a cocktail.

ps shes probably pist you make more money than her. thats how my business is, people in higher positions make less than me ans i get the bitchin ad nagging. ive learned to live with it unfortunately