Some LSU players get in a bar fight.


Bench Warmer
One was Ryan Perriloux, the QB that Les Miles for some strange reason puts into the game to effectively kill LSU's offensive momentum. The other was LB Derrick Odom. Odom then proceeded to go onto his Facebook page and threaten to kill folks essentially, saying:

"Derrick is sayin the fight dont end til u die *****," and "Derrick is trippin on how these fools try to run up on u behind ya back when they know they cant **** wit u 1 on 1 but he got something that will shut all that **** down."

It's nice to see a black cloud hanging over LSU before this weekend's game:salut:


Bench Warmer

Mo mass is funny on facebook. I don't remember all the stuff eh has put in his status, but I know he has had some funny .