Solid box of LCM


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Ran by the money pit to cash in on some Paypal he owed me and cover off Sliq for helping me with a PC addition :dance:

Couldn't resist another stab at LCM after watching the group buy break yesterday.

This turned out to be a solid box I think with an extra hit.


Thomas Jones Mirror Red /100
Joseph Addai Certified Potential /1000
Lee Evans Mirror Blue /50


Amobi Okoye RC Auto /399
Ahmad Bradshaw Mirror Blue auto /50
Brian Leonard Freshman Fabric jersey /1499
Matt Jones Mirror Red jersey /125

and the best pull:


Cliff Harris FOTG auto/triple jersey #'d 4/10


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That is great! Congrats on getting 3 autos! Isn't LCM 4 hits that can be ALL jerseys?

Are you looking to get rid of the Bradshaw? Let me know what you want for it. I have a couple on my Watch List but not the /50.


Bench Warmer
very nice Cliff Harris, If I am not mistaken 07 is the first year he has had a certified auto in any product. If you thow it up on eBay a Cowboy collector would probably pay top dollar for it.